Final Days

These are humanity’s FINAL DAYS! You are one of the last survivors after dirty warfare left most of the world mutated and thirsty for blood.

Final Days is an intense arcade-style shooter where you battle relentless hordes of mutants. As the hordes grow into the hundreds, work together with your team to survive the frenetic onslaught.

Annihilate mutants, collect better ammo, rack up your score, and try to stay alive as long as you can. You may die, but your top scores will live on in the leaderboards!

Team up with as many friends as you can muster. Add bots if you need some extra backup. Or even go it alone if you’re a total badass!

  • Defy overwhelming odds with hundreds of enemies on screen at once!
  • Team up for online/LAN co-op play with up to 16 players!
  • Play split-screen with up to 4 players local co-op (and still be able to join online games!)
  • Still need some extra backup? Add up to 4 bots to help level the playing field!
  • Destroy the mutant hordes with several different ammo types and explosives
  • Think on your feet as enemies (and sometimes other players) destroy the environment
  • Move and place objects to slow the hordes (although it won’t last long!)
  • Earn bragging rights with your scores on the leaderboards and unlockable achievements
  • Get amped by the intense original soundtrack from Chris Head!
  • Feeling creative? Make your own maps and share them with the community!

  • Campaign: Rendezvous
    Your base has been overrun! Evacuate and rendezvous at the extraction point in 7 days.
    Battle your way through 7 different maps in a wave based survival. Will you reach rescue?
  • Campaign: Escape
    You’re holed up in an underground bunker and supplies have run out. Unfortunately, the upper levels are infested with mutants! Escape to the surface as quickly as you can. Can you make it out alive?
    Randomly generated levels mean that each game is different.
  • Last Stand
    The mutants are coming and you’re making your last stand!
    How many days can you hold out in this endless wave based survival?
    There are 10 official maps available to choose from, plus community maps!
  • Eradication
    Clear an underground bunker of mutants floor by floor.
    How deep into the bunker can you get before you’re overwhelmed?
    Randomly generated levels mean that each game is different.
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